EVREN CHAIN manufactures studlink chains for shipping, mooring, ocean oil petroleum prospecting platform chains,elevator chains for cement plants ,scrapper chains for ash handling in power plants, conveyor chains for coal mining, short link chains for lifting and their related accessories ranging from diameter 17.5 mm up to 81 mm , grade U2&U3, by using the flash butt welding system. It can also manufacture variety of products according to the user’s requirements. Anchor and anchor chains made from special quality and extra special quality steel, according to the most advanced technologies. CHAIN CABLE stud link chain cables from 17.5 up to 81 mm diameter are generally produced in the lenghts of 27.5 mtrs .These can be produced to desired shorter or longer lenghts also.We also manufacture open link chains for mooring.

Studlink anchor chain are suplied in regular lenghts of 27.5 mtrs each,composed by common links only; lenghts are connected together by kenter joining shackles. The kenter shackle is detachable, it is used to connect common links. The swivel forerunner is composed by one common link, one enlarged link, the swivel, one enlarged link, one open end link. The D anchor shackle is used to connect to the swivel forerunner by the D anchor shackle. The crown shackle is connected to the swivel forerunner by the D anchor shackle.

Over the years we have developed and produced all accessories for anchor chains like, kenter shackles, swivels, anchor shacklesand various type anchors. We have been able to keep pace with new technology and are fully equipped to manufacture grade U3 chains . Our chains are now exported all over the world.

Accessories like kenter shackles, D type joining shackles,anchor shackles,swivel etc… are produced in our own forge shop and precision machined.
Cast steel and fabricated anchors up to 10 tonnes are manufactured in various types and designs and tested in our testing machine.
Chains and fittings for scrapers and conveyors,employed in cement factory, incinerators, mining industry, sugar factory, agriculture for the most extreme operating conditions…

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